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If you are a publisher or an executive editor, consider the improved linking and publicity provided by membership in the ring. Your journal will become part of a ring with ours and others, all dedicated to some aspect of earth science. Obviously you and your readers, and ours, would welcome immediate convenient access to other online publications with similar interests.

Membership in the ring requires only the placing a small banner, preferably at the bottom of the main page. When opened it gives not only the URL's of the other members but also the convenience of fast browsing. In the event that the number of adherents become very large, entries will be grouped into categories.

We welcome adherence by university and government entities and by any other group publishing online peer-reviewed work in most modern languages and in any field of the earth sciences, provided that the subject matter is freely accessible without charge or hidden assessments. We urge, however, than an abstract in English and/or French, German or Spanish, accompany all articles.

If you have questions specifically related to the registration or the setting of your banner, feel free to contact the .