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Volumina Jurassica

Volumina Jurassica is a geological journal devoted to the publication of original research papers on all aspects of the Jurassic System. Papers are accepted on the understanding that they have not been published elsewhere, and authors are asked to assign their copyright to Volumina Jurassica.

Over the past four years the format of the journal has been gradually modified. The majority of the first issues were published in Polish (with the Polish title "Tomy Jurajskie") because they were addressed to the Polish Jurassic Community. However, rapidly growing interest from foreign authors and readers made the editors aware that there is a significant need for an international journal specialising in the Jurassic. Consequently, the decision was taken that the journal should develop into an English language publication of this nature.

The current challenge for the editors of Volumina Jurassica is to create a platform for Jurassic researchers and scientists across the world to exchange information relating to the Jurassic System. The intention is that over time Volumina Jurassica will become a broadly acknowledged forum for publishing detailed reports on the latest scientific discoveries relating to the Jurassic.

Hence we are honored to invite all the Jurassic researchers and scientists to cooperate with Volumina Jurassica.

Volumina Jurassica
ISSN 1731-3708

Polish Geological Institute - National Research Institute,
Rakowiecka 4,
PL-00975 Warszawa, Poland



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