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Journal of GEOsciences
formerly Journal of the Czech Geological Society

Journal of GEOsciences is an open access journal, focused on all aspects of nature and origin of crystalline complexes. It is published by the Czech Geological Society. Until late 2006 it appeared under the name: Journal of the Czech Geological Society.

Following the gentlemen's agreement between the Czech Geological Society and the Czech Geological Survey in 2006 this Journal focuses solely on hard rock geology and related subjects.

The Journal of GEOsciences is an international journal published by the Czech Geological Society in collaboration with the Czech Geological Survey. It accepts high-quality original research or review papers dealing with all aspects of the nature and origin of igneous and metamorphic rocks. The Journal focuses, mainly but not exclusively, on:

  • Process-oriented regional studies of igneous and metamorphic complexes
  • Research in structural geology and tectonics
  • Igneous and metamorphic petrology
  • Mineral chemistry and mineralogy
  • Major- and trace-element geochemistry, isotope geochemistry
  • Dating igneous activity and metamorphic events
  • Experimental petrology and mineralogy
  • Theoretical models of igneous and metamorphic processes
  • Mineralizing processes and mineral deposits

As a scientific journal is written, reviewed and edited by the scientists themselves, we strongly believed that it should be accessible freely to the whole community. Hence we intend the Journal of GEOsciences (J. Geosci., ISSN 1802-6222) to be a truly Open Access Journal, offering free Internet access and on-line publishing of electronic supplementary materials. There should be no page charges and a liberal policy towards the length of the papers, if justified by their scientific merit. We trust that these features make our Journal an attractive platform on which to publish.



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